Hull Pressure Calculation

Hull Pressure Calculation


The history of the CRS hull pressure calculation programs goes back to the 1980’s, when the 3D diffraction program PRECAL was developed. After the PRECAL Working Group, the PRETTI Working Group developed a time domain pre-processor and many additional features such as surge motion control, manoeuvring in waves etcetera.


The main task of the PRETTI-2 Working Group is the restructuring of the 3D diffraction program PRECAL and the time domain ship motions program PRETTI-2. The present codes have their origin in the early 90’s and have since then been modified and extended many times. The introduction of the concept of generalized modes – which capture both the rigid body modes and the flexural body modes – made it necessary to redesign and rebuild the program codes from scratch. The PRETTI-2 WG aims at the use modern software standards for the definition of requirements and specifications, code style and documentation (user, theory and software manuals).

Expected Results

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