The overall objective of the ECONSHIPS project is to be able to evaluate ship performance at the design stage under service conditions, including fouling influences. In addition, sub-project EMISS has provided the CRS with a capability to quantify the influence of design and operational parameters on ship emissions comprising CO2, NOx and SOx and the energy efficiency indices EEOI and EEDI, for existing vessels and newbuilds.

The work in the ECONSHIPS/EMISS project 1-year extension (Dec-2011 to Dec-2012) will focus on the following tasks to improve the CRS capabilities:
• T1- Completion of results
• T2- Monitoring campaign and further data analysis
• T3- GES user group
• T4- Ship efficiency device analysis and scenarios

Expected Results

The following deliverables are planned:
D1.0: Complete CRS Ship Performance Evaluation Module and demonstration cases
D2.1: Ship monitoring & analyses
D2.2: Improved data acquisition system and results
D3.1: GES user group assemblies and training sessions
D3.2: Integrated System Analyst Certificates for CRS users
D4.1: Ship energy saving device models and simulations
D4.2: GES scenario simulations and evaluation report with a proposal for a new project to AGM in Dec-2012