CFD Tool Use in Power Prediction

CFD Tool Use in Power Prediction


The required installed power should be minimum and the calculated rpm should be close to the final one. Mistakes in the initial design can cost a lot for the shipyard and harm a good reputation, however the design time is limited and lines should be close to the final already at the beginning. With the developing potential and progress of CFD tools their use plays more important role today than earlier. Each member is today working with their own CFD tools and using their own methodology for resistance and powering predictions .


The work in CRS SPEED WG will consist of comparing the results of simulations ( bare hull, appendages and self propulsion ) carried out in model scale and full scale between all the members, looking at the sensitivity of the key parameters on the simulation results in order to improve the way to perform such simulation with the objective to be closer to the speed power prognosis in full scale. The aim of the working group is to establish clear guidelines to get a reliable speed power prediction in full scale.