The Annual General Meeting takes place at the end of November or the begin of December. The Work Program carried out during that year is discussed and the final Work Program (including new projects) for the coming year and the broad Work Program for the next four years are determined. In addition, the Steering Group members and the Working Group participants for the next calendar year are established. All Members have one vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The Open Meeting usually takes place at the end of May or the begin of June. The objective of the Open Meeting is to generate topics for potential research projects that could be of interest to the Members. For a selected set of research topics new project proposals are made and presented at the Annual General Meeting. ‘External’ specialists may also attend the Open Meeting on invitation by the Steering Group.

The Steering Group consists of seven Members and has four meetings each year. The Steering Group organizes the Annual General Meeting and the Open Meeting. In principle, the Steering Group carries out the decisions taken by the Members at the Annual General Meeting. The Steering Group has two permanent members: the Chairman and the Secretary. The other five Steering Group members are selected from the Members based on a rotating scheme.

Each project of the Work Program is managed by a Working Group . The Working Group members are frequently involved in performing project tasks. Working Groups are open to all Members.

Finally, the Steering Group and the Working Groups are supported by the Secretariat which assists in the organization of the Annual General Meeting and the Open Meeting, maintains the CRS Website, and assists in many tasks related to the daily operation of the CRS. The Secretariat is managed by the Secretary.

A schematic representation of the CRS organization is presented below: