Welcome to the website of the Cooperative Research Ships!

The Cooperative Research Ships (CRS) was started in 1969 with the intention to obtain general data about the hydrodynamics and related problems of large and high-powered ships. In the beginning the work program was focused on the hydrodynamics and related problems concerning the development of very large tankers and bulk carriers. This changed over the years and today the research carried out by the CRS is focused on hydrodynamics, structural and related problems of all kind of ship types from a fundamental, design and operational perspective. The various ship types include full block ships, but also container ships, frigates and high-speed mono-hulls and multi-hulls.

Today, the CRS consists of 27 member organizations and companies carrying out a joint work program, sponsored equally by all members. In principle the research is carried out by the members only. The research results are the sole property of the members. Overhead costs are kept to a minimum.