New projects selected at CRS Annual General Meeting 2020

New projects selected at CRS Annual General Meeting 2020

The 2020 edition for the CRS AGM was held in a webinar format: the first webinar was devoted to proposals for new projects and the second webinar was devoted to the status updates of the working groups. To start with the latter: Substantial progress was made over a broad range of research topics. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, researchers had to meet in a sequence of video meetings, where they presented and discussed their results. Especially worth mentioning are the research activities in the Data Driven working group, where users cooperate in a cloud environment, sharing data and analysis tools.

In the ‘proposals webinar’, eight high quality proposals for new projects were presented. The members selected three proposals by voting:

  • SEACAL: Seakeeping Calculation at Forward Speed
  • ORCA: Ongoing Research in Composite Applications
  • EVap: Extreme Value Prediction

These projects will start in 2021 and will run for three years.