CRS celebrates 50th anniversary

CRS celebrates 50th anniversary

New projects selected at CRS Annual General Meeting 2019 in Wageningen

At the AGM in November 2019, each working group presented the research status. Substantial progress was made over a broad range of research topics. In particular, the Data Driven working group organised a well-attended workshop on the application of Convolutional Neural Networks. Four projects are in the final stage: SLAMFLOW (bow flare slamming), ONBOARD (onboard noise and vibrations), LSD (energy saving devices) and DYNASTY (dynamic stability).

Ten high quality proposals for new projects were presented. The members selected three proposals by voting:

  • LOWNOISE: reduction of underwater radiated noise
  • SCREAM: screening of extreme waves
  • SALSA – assessment for sailing at low speed

These projects will start in 2020 and will run for three years.